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Child Protection Advisory

Many volunteers want to work with children.

This is an ethical minefield. particularly orphanage volunteering.

Please before you apply to volunteer in an orphanage study the following resources very very carefully.

volunteering in orphanages – what do I need to know?

volunteering directly with children

Volunteering in orphanages

Better child protection

Child Protection isn’t just about paedophiles.

The most important  question you must ask yourself is if you would be allowed to work with children in your own country – if the answer is NO – please reconsider.

So you believe you do have the skills to share with a project supporting vulnerable children. If the organisation you are looking to travel with does not want to know about you, and your skills and experience – in great detail – before accepting you – then seriously reconsider.

If the organisation you are looking to travel with cannot give you a clearly defined role in a named childcare organisation before you accept your placement –  please reconsider.

Be very careful – the commoditisation  of children by many “suppliers” in  the volunteer travel industry is  a serious form of abuse. All too often well meaning volunteers are exploited too– particularly those wanting to serve “orphans”

You would  be horrified to learn  that you may well be  fuelling such abuse.

All the organisations on this directory are working hard to ensure they protect children not exploit them.

More reading and viewing


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