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October 27, 2013

people and places is recognised as a world leader in creating well-matched P&PLogo_300pxvolunteer placements.

And we declare upfront that we are the people behind this directory. We would love you to volunteer with us – but we know there are lots of other good organisations out there – so please research the listings in this directory.

At people and places, most of our volunteers are mature individuals with years of skills and experience – which they want to continue to use and to share.

In partnership with local people, we tailor-make every individual placement – identifying how and where each volunteer’s skills and experience will be best-used to the benefit of a particular project. Such careful and detailed matching enables genuine skills-share in each placement, creating a ‘win-win’ situation for volunteers and local people.

To achieve this, it’s vital that volunteers and local people know about each other well in advance of any placement – and we require the informed consent of local people and volunteers before any placement is confirmed

Mutual benefits are gained by well-informed and well prepared individuals, working together.

From the Caribbean to Cambodia, we work with our local partners to identify specific local needs: in health and social care; education and training; practical and professional skills; business and administration experience.

Our role is to make the right match – putting the right people in the right places!

Other Information:

Winners World responsible Tourism awards 2013 – best campaigning 

LowRes - Tourism Campaiging

Finalists – World Responsible Tourism Awards 2013 – best child protection

Winners – Responsible Tourism Awards 2009- best volunteer organisation


Members of The Code – protecting children 

Members of Responsible 100 – Better Business Better World

Advisors on orphanage volunteering  to responsible travel 

Advisors to The International  Ecotourism Society on voluntourism guidelines

Contact details:

1 Naboth’s Nursery
Canterbury Road
ME13 8AX
United Kingdom
T: +44 (0)1795 535718
W: Visit website

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The Criteria Check

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pandp Criteria

Criteria – click  for hyperlinks to proof

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